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Gender Camp

Feminists on holiday

April 2019
11-14 Jan 2019
June 2019

What is Gender Camp?


Gender Camp is a holiday for gender specialists. Campers come together to enjoy the countryside while spending quality time with gender practitioners and academics from all over the world.

Gender Camp is the perfect blend of fun and gender equality. Get ready to have fun in the wild, listen to the latest cutting edge research from around the world, dive deep into story telling with professional storytellers and meet some awesome feminists. Or... you can do nothing at all! 


To sign up to the Gender Camp closest to you CLICK HERE


We look forward to seeing you!


The ethos

Professional feminist

Being a professional feminist is no easy job, which is why we need something like Gender Camp! Gender camp is a perfect balance of fun, learning and relaxation.

Gender Camp is for all feminists. We welcome diversity and everyone is included. 


Gender Camp is independent. It is self-funded by gender specialists for gender specialists. There is no funding from other sources. 


Gender camp was founded by Isadora Quay. A professional feminist. Find out more hereEach camp has its own team of professional feminists coordinating all the fun. 

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